Terms & Conditions (Updated 5 March 2013)


THE BEDFORD PLUMBERS LIMITED intends to rely upon the written Terms & Conditions set out here in conjunction with any stated on the other documentation we issue to you the consumer (our customer).

If you require any changes, please make sure that you ask for these to be put in writing. In that way, we can avoid any problems surrounding what our company and you the customer is expected to do. Our contact information is detailed on our website at www.thebedfordplumbers.co.uk/contact-us.

Please note that The Bedford Plumbers Limited reserves the right to amend its Terms & Conditions at any time. Any future changes made will be posted here on our website.

Payment is due within the time period indicated on the other side of this invoice under the heading “Payment Terms”. Failure to pay the balance outstanding on this invoice within this time frame entitles The Bedford Plumbers Limited to charge interest on the balance. The Bedford Plumbers Limited understands and will exercise its statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery and court costs under late payment legislation.

A list of the payment methods which The Bedford Plumbers Limited currently accepts is provided on our website at www.thebedfordplumbers.co.uk/payment .

This will be carried out as detailed in this invoice which will act as our Conditions of Contract. Any additional work or deviation from this contract required by you the customer will constitute a separate invoice which must be then accepted in writing by you the customer.

The workmanship is guaranteed for twelve months from the date works are completed. This guarantee will be void if the installation has been interfered with in any way by others or through negligence or wilful damage. In which case a normal call out charge will be made
including those parts. Certificates, Manuals and Guarantees will be issued upon full settlement of this invoice.


  • No liability for any claim for missing items such as manuals, etc. shall be accepted unless you the customer notifies us in writing within seven days from the date works completed.
  • No liability for any claim will be accepted in the case of goods differing in quantity or descriptions from the particulars given on this invoice unless you the customer notifies us in writing within seven days from the date works completed (onus is on you the customer to prove any shortage).
  • In the case of manufacturers who operate direct product support and warranty repair procedures/cover you the customer is advised to process your claim directly through the manufacturer.

Unless specifically so stated the invoice does not include the following parts: Any builders work including excavations, cutting away of walls, floors etc. Any making good, painting or other trades work.

We will make every effort to complete work by any time agreed with you. You must appreciate, however, that sometimes delays may occur for reasons beyond our control and we cannot be responsible for those delays. If such delays occur we will complete the work as soon as possible.

Errors and omissions excepted. Offers, prices, specifications and services are subject to change without prior notice.