Our standard Terms & Conditions for our Prize Draws are as follows:

– Only one entrant is allowed to enter our Prize Draw at any one property address;

– The prize offered can not be used against previously done or agreed work;

– It is not valid in conjunction with other offers or discounts;

– It is valid only for property addresses within Bedfordshire (UK);

– A cash prize can not be taken instead of the prize offered and the prize can not be transferred to another person other than the named entrant;

– The winner’s name will also be announced on our website after the closing date with, if known, a mention of the town or village they live in – this information will be taken from the winner’s facebook page;

Winners must then claim their prize within 5 workings days of our announcement being made. They should do this by sending us a private message from the same facebook account we have selected as the winner(s) – please include in this message a note of your name, address and phone number so we can contact you;

– If a winner does not claim their prize within the 5 workings days they will forfeit their prize and another will be randomly selected from the entrants.